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Hyper converged solutions

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The storage infrastructure of the information system of a company should support the exponential increase of data without any interruption of volumetry, connectivity or performance, while remaining available 7 days a week. TECH-IT meets the challenge by providing you with its expertise in terms of open-storage solutions based on innovative technologies:

SAN Technology





Disaster Recovery

Remote connections


Cloning and snapshooting

Database tuning


An optimized infrastructure, versatile and highly available :

  • End-to-end virtualization
  • Servers
  • Storage Remote access and accounts receivable
  • Applications
  • Networks (LAN – WAN – MAN – SAN)
  • Mutualisation of the resources, data consolidation
  • Interchangeability of the storage media
  • Performance improvement / Significant enhancement in operational productivity
  • Security strengthening
  • Reduction of infrastructure costs
  • Reduction of administration costs (by reducing the number of servers)
  • Reduction of indirect costs (ground space, energy, air conditioning…)

Physical and virtual backup

Hardware breakdown, incidents on file-systems, destruction of the original file…, your backup system has to be effective, flexible and adjusted.
The data backup depends on the company’s needs, which is why we offer solutions with various purposes:

  • Immediate recovery requirements, including by the user himself
  • High capacity backup requirements
  • Backup requirements for remote sites
  • Recovery capacity
  • Mail or file archiving
  • Data migration


Archiving policy :

  • Audit, analysis of the storage environment, understanding/interpretation of the needs
  • Archiving standards: Which data ?
  • Reflected conservation strategy
  • Taking care of the archiving issue from the beginning
  • Clear management rules applied to existing applications
  • Rules set out for platforms (operating environment)

IBM i system management

Built for business

IBM i is an integrated operating environment with a reputation for robust architecture, exceptional security and business resilience for over 25 years. Running applications based on IBM i has helped companies over many years to focus on innovation and delivering new value to their business.

The manageable, highly available IBM i is the solution for today’s information-driven fast-paced business environment. IBM i can provide your company with a serious competitive advantage over competitors running less stable, less scaleable, less reliable, and less manageable platforms.
Platform manageability is an increasingly important part of the initial buying decision. You don’t want to base your business on a platform that can’t be managed – particularly with the rapid delivery of new and changing technologies, e-business and Web opportunities, the 24 hour a day services required by your customers, and business decisions. Today’s buyers need to ensure that they can manage their platforms and environments in the event of power outages, have the ability to plan for seasonal computational needs or monitor key resources, and the need to be as efficient as possible with their IS staff. This is what IBM i platform manageability is all about – providing a set of solution options to meet the needs of today’s business.

Platform management

Manage your platforms and environments in the event of a power outage, plan for seasonal computational needs or monitor key resources, and be as efficient as possible with your IS staff.

Performance management

Provides the capabilities for you to understand and manage the performance of your computing environment.

Storage management

Automates a majority of your storage management tasks with state of the art disk storage subsystems, self-managing and easy to use interfaces, and sophisticated software automation.


Secure, scalable and robust open standards-based UNIX operating system

AIX is an enterprise-class UNIX operating system (OS) for the POWER processor architecture found in IBM Power Systems. Today’s global business must rely on an infrastructure that is secure, highly available and able to adapt quickly to changing business needs. AIX delivers these capabilities and more, with the performance, reliability and security that your mission-critical data demands.


For its strategic applications, the company requires a continuous functioning of its information system and a total availability of its data. In order to face this issue, TECH-IT offers its customers a complete range of evolutionary services, matched by a strong expertise in the virtualisation of the workstation (Citrix, Vmware):