The documents can represent up to 80 % of the possessed information.

Tech-IT perfectly understands the importance of the good management of these documents, but also that a product of Document Management must not be an obstacle to the good realization of every employee’s tasks.

This is why we have decided to become specialists of one single product: ELO (ELO Digital GmbH service).

ELO (ELO Digital GmbH service)

Elo is a Document Management and Archiving system which offers multiple features, while still being easy to use. It offers the following possibilities among others:

  • Multi-Project archives
  • Structure Customer / Server
  • Automatic Archiving of e-mails
  • Express connections with the ERP and express importations of the index and documents
  • Automatic Classification of documents in the archives
  • Predefined Workflow and unitarian workflow
  • Import of historical documents
  • Search by content
  • Treatment of 10 000 documents a day
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